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About Stormflex

Stormflex slate roofing contractors, UK – the specialists in slate roof repair, slate tile restoration and slate roofing conservation.

Jim Buckley devised and patented the Stormflex slate roof repair system in Blaenau Ffestiniog, in Snowdonia, North Wales, UK – the very heartland of slate and Welsh slate production. Where else but in North Wales – one of the wettest and windiest parts of the UK – to develop and test the Stormflex system to its maximum? Able to withstand storms capable of damaging and even destroying conventional slate roofs, the Stormflex system has proved itself a success in one of the wildest testing grounds available.

In all aspects Stormflex has earned itself the respect of architects, engineers, roofing contractors and other professionals in the building trade.

The Stormflex 'overhaul' service

Stormflex roofing contractors also offer an 'overhaul' service that we believe to be unrivalled – this is for the customer who wants their slate roof upgraded before a 'whole roof' solution becomes necessary. Please contact us for further details.

Stormflex also offer a full range of roofing services

Stormflex roofing contractors can also deal with any other roof related problems: worn lead, rotten roof timbers, the fitting of skylights, cast or PVC fascias gutters etc. Please contact us for further details.

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