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Is the Stormflex system better than slate roof replacement or re-slating?

random diminishing slate roof repair

A random diminishing slate roof repaired by Stormflex.


The Stormflex system is an excellent alternative to slate roof replacement or re-slating. It can restore your roof to its original appearance and strength and at a fraction of the cost of a roof replacement.

The Stormflex system looks as good as, if not better than, a roof replacement and retains the character of an older roof. Many older roofs have acquired much 'character' over the years and we are proud of our record in conserving and enhancing such roofs.

Applying the Stormflex system can only be carried out by skilled slaters, who will repair and smarten up your roof first. Even though all our work is done from the outside of the roof, the adhesion points are underneath the slates, thus making our treatment invisible.

If you opt for slate roof replacement or re-slating the finished result can be uniform and characterless, fundamentally changing the character of the building. The round-hipped building below was repaired by us and is one of the increasingly rare 'random diminishing' roofs left in Britain. This is typical of roofs throughout the country that are being stripped and re-slated with uniform slates or tiles.

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