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How is Stormflex different to the spray foam system?

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Firstly, we make no claim to insulate your roof . This can be done to extremely high standards using conventional insulation systems. Unlike spray foam, we claim to give you a roof where every slate is fully treated and guaranteed against slippage and leaks.
We do claim that the strength and comprehensiveness of the Stormflex Slate Conservation System cannot be matched by any other, including spray foam.
This is because all our work is done from the outside; we can therefore treat every slate on the roof and guarantee that every single one will be bomb solid when we have finished. As far as we know, spray foam companies cannot make this claim.
Why not? Because the foam spray is applied from the inside it cannot be applied to all the slates, e.g. over walls or the ridge. See this job in North Wales; the company that did this job were unable to guarantee half the roof
All our work force are highly skilled in the business of working on and working with slates and therefore need to have the full range of slating skills together with associated trade skills (e.g. carpentry, lead work, plastering, chimney work, skylights etc.). Foam spray operatives do not necessarily possess these skills.
The Stormflex system offers minimum interruption and intrusion, because all our work is done from the outside, even in the unlikely event of having to carry out timber repairs. Spray foam insulation on the other hand is applied to the underside of a roof and therefore has to be carried out from inside the building.
Use of the Stormflex system does not preclude further work on the roof or even eventual re-use of the slates. On the other hand spray foam insulation and spray-on roof coatings can make it very difficult for the slates to be re-used.
We claim to make a huge difference to the appearance of the roof. For instance the following roof (photo to follow) was treated by a spray foam firm who evidently had little grasp of how to improve the appearance of a roof, leaving in all the lead tags and some poor detailing at the bottom corner of the chimney (spot the leak point).

If you want to know more about how to conserve your existing slate roof and make it bomb solid resistant to future winds click on our home page

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