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Roofing questions: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Stormflex system better than conventional slate roof repair?

The shortcomings and crudity of most slate patching techniques invariably means that both the appearance of your roof and the value of your property are downgraded every time a repair is carried out. Stormflex tackles the problem before the problem hits you and your pocket.

How can I tell if my roof needs the Stormflex treatment?

Slipping slates invariably indicate the onset of nail fatigue. This in turn points to a future of escalating roofing problems: persistent slate slippage, water ingress and timber decay, all signs that the roof needs 'Stormflexing'. Let the Stormflex system deal with the problem before complete re-slating of the roof becomes necessary.


How much does the Stormflex system cost?

This obviously varies from property to property but in the vast majority of cases it comes out at less than a third of the cost of re-slating and we usually save on the scaffolding costs too. Please contact us to discuss costs for your property. If you send us relevant measurements or digital photos according to our instructions we can give you an on-line phone estimate.


What kinds of slate roof can you deal with?

Be it Welsh slate, Chinese slate or Spanish slate, the Stormflex system can conserve the existing character of any slate roof, matching it as closely as possible. Inevitably, the vast majority of roofs we deal with are laid with indigenous (mostly Welsh) slate. We can deal with most slate roofed properties, from small cottages to large industrial and commercial buildings like the Corn Exchange in Leeds.


What areas of the UK do you work in?

We can work in all areas, anywhere in the UK.

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