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To look in closer detail at the Stormflex jobs shown in these examples just click on the pictures, a larger version will open in a new window.


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Corn Exchange, Leeds (Grade 1 listed)
Corn Exchange, Leeds: we saved them over £100,000 and gave them a stronger roof than could have been achieved with conventional re-slating!

Corn Exchange, Leeds

Corn Exchange, Leeds

Bryn Mair, Dolgellau, North Wales (Grade 2 listed)
Bryn Mair had a beautifully laid, random diminishing slate roof with swept slated valleys. The roof was on the point of being stripped and re-slated with a grant from CADW (Cadw: Welsh Historic Monuments Executive Agency, the Welsh equivalent of English Heritage) when the owners discovered that Stormflex could conserve their roof as it was. Even with a 50% grant, the client saved around £8,000, along with the visual integrity of the building.

Bryn Mair roof, before   Bryn Mair roof, detail   Bryn Mair roof, after

Bryn Mair detail, before


Bryn Mair detail, after


Bryn Mair whole roof, after

Gwalia Stores, Harlech, Snowdonia
A good example of how a rather derelict shop exterior, with an even more derelict roof, can be transformed at minimal cost.

shop roof, before   shop roof, after

Gwalia Stores, before


Gwalia Stores, after

Llawrybettws Church, near Corwen, North Wales (Grade 2 listed)
One of our early contracts (1991) show fairly typical before and after pictures. Conservation and ecclesiastical architect Robin Wolley was very sceptical at first, but is now a convert to the virtues of Stormflex!
'The work to waterproof the fabric of the building allowed the parochial church committee to proceed with a successful application for heritage lottery funding to repair the interior of the building. Without the Stormflex system this would not have been possible as the committee did not possess the funds to re-slate.'

church slates, before   church slates, after

Llawrybettws Church, before


Llawrybettws Church, after

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