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What is the Stormflex slate roof conservation system?

complex slate roof conservationThe Stormflex system is an immensely strong slate roofing conservation and restoration system for slate and tile roofs. It looks good because all the fixings are underneath the slates. Unlike any other system that treats the underside of the slate or tile, we do our work from the outside of the roof.

Our slate roofing and tile restoration system conserves your roof by individually re-securing every single slate using a patented system unique to Stormflex. This is achieved at considerably less than half the cost of re-slating and in less than half the time. The Stormflex slate roof conservation system does not use spray-on coatings or membranes, which means that your roof can still breathe and retains its ability to flex.

Our work is carried out by approved, fully trained and licensed roofing contractors. Disruption is minimal as all of our work is performed externally, usually without the need and expense of scaffolding.

The Stormflex slate roof repair system as a conservation measure

The Stormflex slate roof conservation system is a tremendous conservation resource that delivers a fully functional and immensely strong slate roof that looks good while retaining and enhancing the character of the building. It is the perfect solution if you are involved in the conservation of a listed building or if you simply want to preserve the character of an old building.

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