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How does the Stormflex slate roof repair system work?

The Stormflex slate roof repair system protects your roof using a combination of modern adhesives technology and traditional re-nailing.

roof repair, preparing anchorsPreparation and anchor stage

Where nail fatigue is the problem, slates are stripped on every fourth rafter and the slates are fixed directly onto the rafter, thus creating powerful new anchor points at 1,600 mm (64") intervals throughout the roof. The rest of the roof is also repaired to a high standard, replacing all missing, cracked or broken slates. The picture (right) shows slates being removed ready for an anchor line; these are done on every 4th rafter.


'Stormflexing' is the 'heart' of the Stormflex slate roof repair system. We have developed and patented a unique method of creating four powerful adhesion points on each slate tile, these bond the slate tiles to the four slates around it. These fixings are immensely strong and long lasting; to date we have not had a single failure* caused by winds that have, on occasions, reached hurricane force, damaging and even destroying recently re-slated roofs. Ridge tiles and cappings are also secured during the 'Stormflexing' work.
(*With one exception, enquiries welcome)

We do not at this stage go into a detailed description of how this patented system works, but if you would like further information and/or an information pack please contact us.

In short the Stormflex slate roof repair system:

Looks good! Stormflex roofs retain the character of the building; our adhesion points are underneath the slate tiles, making our treatment invisible.

Allows your roof to breathe and flexStormflex roofs combine high tensile and adhesive strength with a very high degree of flexibility, also retaining the roof's capacity to transmit water vapour and thus avoiding the danger of locked-in condensation causing rotting of roof timbers.

roof timber repairrepaired slate roof

Minimum interruption and intrusion! All our roofing work is done from the outside, even in the event of having to carry out timber repairs.

Is guaranteed Our Guarantee is short and simple, has no cop-out clauses and covers you in conditions up to and including storm force winds; please contact us for full details.

Has excellent references We can offer excellent references from a wide range of professionals (architects, buildings maintenance officers, surveyors etc.); please contact us for full details.
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